The Sanctuary of Female Supremacy

Den of Indomitus 
is the greatest and most famous American Dungeon and is located in the center of the city of Phoenix - Arizona, it extends on a private area of over 5,000 square-foot with a wide car park which is providential especially for fetish parties and events. The foundress and owner of this femdom paradise is the statuary Mistress Porsche Lynn who in the ten years of award-winning cinematography career for adults explores and falls in love of the female domination which then becomes her primary passion until the realization of project Den of Indomitus.

Mistress Porsche Lynn
oversees a large team of excellent Mistresses each of which is specialized in peculiar performances going so to satisfy even the most fanciful requests, but the dynamic and charming Mistress Porsche Lynn also proposes a kaleidoscopic choice of shows in which she is the protagonist who illuminates the scene with her impetuous personality and experience that are supported by a breathtaking body and dizzy legs. For shy people, the team offers the opportunity of an indirect approach through hot telephone sessions...
The airy architecture 
of the environments offer the maximum comfort, safety and privacy with five distinct rooms fully equipped and furnished in different styles that ranging from modern to classic going to create variegated and congenial scenarios in which to project the tumultuous passions. Den of Indomitus also provides a rental service, moreover, in the articulated structure is possible to organize events, birthday party, bachelor party, divorce party, holiday theme, etc... a plunge in a perfect oasis to desecrate the conformism...

official website :
phone   :  602.340.1775
location :  Phoenix, Arizona - USA 

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