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April 01 - 2017

In London resides the creativity of Femdom 
which is certainly embodied from sophisticated 
Mistress Morana

a brilliant Dominatrix who in her dynamic sessions expresses a vivid imagination combined with a balanced sense of humor enhanced by eccentric scenarios and fun choreographies in which it is possible to concretize the most scandalous desires of subjugation, furthermore, Mistress Morana dips him easily in meanders of psyche by addressing correctly the person in its natural path of subjugation, gradually and pleasantly.

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e-mail :
Phone : + 44 (0) 7472 747475
Location : London - United Kingdom

March 17 - 2017

Goddess Ananda is an innovative Londoner Mistress that with the own experience has been able to conjugate the art of domination with the Eastern spiritual disciplines, indeed, for example, in her sessions you can live a classic BDSM experience united to the spiritual touch of Reiki that amplifies the emotions by contributing to the harmonization of the body's energy, or the Bondage through the ancient Japanese art of Shibari, or Kinbaku, which opens the doors of the erotic energy with the listening and ritual atmosphere, a mix of meditation, eroticism and technique, and then again the mystical extracorporeal experience known as OBE, and many other services that the charismatic Goddess Ananda describes in detail on her website.

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e-mail :
Phone : +44 (0) 7529 395876
Location : London - United Kingdom

March 09 - 2017

Maitresse Rokeuse is an emblematic Canadian Mistress that embodies the essence of Femdom and Gynocracy both in everyday life than in the private sphere where it is very selective in the choice of its customers and admirers because she expresses its dominant temperament through the pragmatics of Femdom and the conceptualism of the Gynocracy, a sophisticated symbiosis that leads her lucky elects toward an inevitable ecstasy, psychological and physical, in the magical atmosphere of her dungeon located in Québec - Canada

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e-mail :
Location : Québec - Canada

January 24 - 2017

Domina Fräulein Lilly, an intriguing Mistress German who with her Junoesque Beauty kidnaps the intangible profane of men with the aim of sharing the intimate essence, namely, the domination that transcends the stereotypes...

Phone : 0151/25080280
e-mail :
Location : Baden-Württemberg - Germany

December 25 - 2016

Mistress Sasha is a Russian professional dominatrix who offers his services virtually or in private sessions in the city of Yekaterinburg - Russia

Her sessions are preceded by an interview where there is no the mistress and slave, but only a man and a beautiful woman who cordially facilitates the emersion of intimate desires of submission of man for then create a custom session that usually goes by 2 to 5 hours !  A real full immersion that goes beyond the boundaries of psychoanalysis going to include also the carnality of Female Domination who Mistress Sasha transmits with passion.

e-mail :
Skype : sasha-femdom
Location : Russia, Ekaterinburg

December 02 - 2016

Mistress An Li is a playful Asian dominatrix based in Los Angeles, with frequent travels to San Francisco, Oakland, Washington DC, New York City, and availability in international cities all over.

A deep believer and practitioner of Femdom
An Li uses her petite femininity and warm smile to lure her slaves under her spell. As her submissive, you will always end up on your hands and knees, ready to serve and observe your Goddess in action while she giggles at your suffering. 

Some of her favorite and most popular activities 
include humiliation, sensual domination, corporal punishment, bondage, toilet play, hypnosis, worship, and much more...

Domina An Li has a full fetish wardrobe of leather, latex, lingerie, hosiery, and footwear, as well as fully-equipped private playspaces on the west and east coasts.

Location : Los Angeles, CA USA

November 10 - 2016

Madam Mysteria 
is an experienced dominatrix and skilled wrestler from the Czech Republic, now based in Athens, travels to many European cities.

Her travel update for November is as follow 
London...........17 - 19th Nov
Leeds..............20 - 21st Nov
Manchester.....22 - 23rd Nov
Zurich............. 30 Nov - 1st Dec
Geneva............2nd Dec

She is available for private sessions 
offering mixed wrestling, beat downs, lift & carry fetish, domination, BDSM.

Her speciality 
is domination wrestling combined with bondage, spanking, trampling, foot fetish and more...If you are an admirer of strong muscular women, she is the right Mistress for you. She has the mental and physical power to make you her toy.

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E-mail :
Phone : +420604263747 / WhatsApp

November 08 - 2016
Mistress Nadia
beautiful young mistress of 25 years. Whimsical and imaginative, my creativity is limitless. Experienced and with a lot of material to discover and try out or suffer... Search for new submitted to satisfy all my desires.

I love to share my passion and discover domination. I agree with the subject without experience and I'm more understanding for initiations. I love to have men with sodomy. If you are wise, I may be sweet ... Passionate, with many years of experience and whole trunks of equipment to discover...

References website
City, Country​ : Liège, Belgique​

October 17 - 2016
Lady Alice MissWoW is a refined Dutch Mistress who with her decennial experience offers exhilarating performance that go to stimulate remote desires which can emerge through the art of her sophisticated and blasphemous manipulation.

A genial blend of beauty, charm, vigour and intelligence that she skilfully deploys in her passional sessions that require a preliminary interview where Mistress Alice will explore your wishes for turn them into reality in the most appropriate scenery.

Mistress Alice is a versatile woman who offers high quality services in various social spheres, such as escort for important dinners or other events.

References website
Phone +31 658963516  -  Rotterdam - Holland

October 08 - 2016

Maitresse Xawana 
Powerful Ebony Mistress will help you to discover Her universe of Black Domination where you will forget the most secret impulses of your soul to sail on the wire of Her deepest desires. 

This Divine Black Dominatrix will relieve you of all your vices and evil thoughts. I dominate so well soft as hard in my hyper equipped dungeon in Juprelle near Liège in Belgium. Come quickly to discover what kind of treatments you will be able to undergo in my dungeon and what the power is of a Black Domination. Once you have tasted it, then you will most definitely return for more experiences and adventures.

You come from me in this magical place entirely dedicated to the SM pleasures for discover the feel of absolute happiness under the direction of a Diabolic Mistress, and if you yet don’t know me, is can begin doing it through my website in which there are photos, detailed information about me and my preferred practices.

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website :
e-mail :
Phone : +32 497860235
Location : Juprelle, Liège - Belgium

October 04 - 2016

Lady Renee is a Mistress with operational headquarters in Antwerp - Belgium

She is a charismatic and polyhedral Woman 
with a deep knowledge of Femdom, however, she is very selective in choice of her submissive aspirants because the quality of her services is excellent, therefore, for access her Olympus is expected an appropriate selection that will determine the existence of potential elective affinities.

Of course, Lady Renee has a fully equipped Dungeon which also satisfies the most sophisticated requirements.

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phone :  +32 494 64 65 48
website :
operational headquarters :  Antwerp - Belgium

October 01 - 2016

In the scenery of the Mistresses Londoners stands out the statuesque beauty of Goddess Anastaxia, a young dominatrix that in addition to the classic sessions also proposes the unusual Wrestling Female Dominatrix, discipline in which she excels by virtue of her athletic build that is an intriguing combination of seductive charm feminine accompanied by an explosive muscular power.

In intense sessionsthe sensual Goddess Anastaxia is how a kaleidoscope through which spreads her energetic domination that appropriately is also biting hilarity, impertinent audacity and eccentric imagination.

The dynamic Goddess Anastaxia also organizes interesting parties and special events in collaboration with other Mistresses.

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website :
e-mail :
Location : London - United Kingdom

September 28 - 2016

Artemisia de Vine ia majestic and voluptuous Australian Dominatrix whose name brings to mind the warrior queen of Halicarnassus and the Roman deity Bacchus, indeed she embodies and conjugates in exhaustive way both roles, but with evolved and kinky sophistications that lead in a psychological and carnal ecstasy also the seasoned players or newbies.

Artemisia de Vine's sessions 
illuminate the entire spectrum of the erotic archetypes that she masterfully controls going to distill the pleasure in the various facets, sometimes as Mistress or as switch, and then embracing the fetish and BDSM, or kinky tantra massage, rituals, educator and much more... 

Artemisia de Vine, an expert Priestess who dispenses pleasure and perversion through a conscious and consensual play in an atmosphere of erotic euphoria...

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website :
e-mail :
Phone : 0420 415 658
Location : Surry Hills, Sydney - Australia

September 27 - 2016

Domina M - Paris Domination
Lady Domina M is a Parisian Mistress that offers her services in the center of the renowned French capital in which is also located a fully equipped dungeon.
The innate elegance of Lady Domina M is reflected in personal website in which she describes with pragmatic style her sophisticated sessions, moreover, on the internet site there is an interesting area dedicated to "Fetish Feature Films" high quality which is updated every 3 days !

Finally, the personal blog of Lady Domina M goes to enrich the website with original news, photos, free videos, and more...

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website :
e-mail :
Phone : +33 6 43 86 28 27
Central Paris, 75010 - 14h00 to 22h00 by appointment only