Contributions to the Female Domination

artistic talent
Many artisans 
have canalized their art in the Femdom world going to express the own passion through the creation of personalized handiworks frequently embellished with fanciful decorations that emphasize in complementary way the role of Mistresses who wish to characterize their own clothing, shoes, accessories and equipment. 

Femdom creativity
But the artistic talent of Femdom 
also extends into the creativity of renowned graphic designers that divulge their works in the capillary web, thus contributing to the stylistic evolution of the collective imagination which is further corroborated by the fertile inventiveness of authoritative writers, bloggers and similar... 

without forgetting the activism of the filmography, the tribute of the annual events, the proactive spirit of the alternative holidays and the stimulating enthusiasm of numerous fetish clubs...

Femdom social synergies
The complex of these current 
and progressive dynamisms develops prodigious synergies that reverberate in conventional social sphere scattering the contagious seeds of the Female Domination whose sprouts are already visible and it are cooperating to the elevation of women's status, which should gradually generate a reasonable matriarchal sovereignty, logical alternative of the archaic patriarchal dynasty that is reluctant to the abdication...

it is legitimate to assume that the fulfillment of desirable theorem also transits in the imposing suffrage of these osmotic social dynamisms that  

Matriarchal sovereignty
jointly with the action of classics standard-bearers of feminism should give rise to an innovative corporative model which flows in the matriarchal sovereignty with new and fruitful ideologies that decline the historical belligerence...

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