Overlaps Escort and Mistresses

Peering over the web 
is easy to see the increase of Escort that also offer Femdom services, and this means more competition for the Mistresses, but also more women who expand the level of awareness of their erotic power that in this way contributes to the dismantlement of the anachronistic female stereotypes also spreading a positive authoritativeness that gradually reverberates in the social.

This new female constellation 
is rich of neophytes women with a strong temperament that allows him to permeate the universe of Female Domination for somatize the valuable experience

Female Evolution
that the expert Mistresses jealously preserve in their coffers, therefore, the described postulate leads us to imagine that the inevitable collision of these two different constellations will go to invigorate the cosmos of Female Supremacy, and more generally, it will facilitate the desirable enfranchisement from rhetoric of male power..

These energetic events of the women 
have a indirect social influence because they act in the substrates of the male community, but precisely for this reason they constitute the foundation of the dominant feminine constellations that so can operate with discretion and surgical efficacy on the male primordial instincts even going to mitigate the excessive virility that wherever obscures the social horizons...

Matriarchal Kingdom
If the heuristic assumption will be satisfiedthen we will observe finally a social landscape with authentic matriarchal matrix in modern style, but although it is already possible to glimpse the effects of this ineluctable social metamorphosis, the road ahead is still long and winding, but the objective is on the horizon...

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