USA Presidential Elections - November 2016

Warrior Woman
The American establishment 
has lost the comparison with the popular suffrage that has refuted the political forecasts going so to reward an unexpected President, a man...

many Women will be disappointed 
by the outcome of these elections because the eventual victory of the female candidate would have symbolized an epochal change to the vertex of American power, and this is true, however, it is equally true that this vibrant duel has sculpted an indelible "Feminine Paradigm" that will stimulate women in every social sphere going so to 

feminine paradigm
accelerate the times of the ineluctable metamorphosis that will be manifested in the general female dominance. 

The diffusion of the ideology 
that brings to Women's sovereignty is clearly in progress, but to be effective and incisive this process must involve all social levels and their substrates, and this requires a sufficient temporal cycle necessary for the concertation of these capillary actions that should finally conduct towards a lasting success and to a real social regeneration of feminine matrix that will celebrate the dismissal of feudal patriarchy, of course with the due honors...

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