Female Evolution

Aristotle and Phyllis
the famous anecdote of Aristotle and Phyllis 
(Phyllis was a courtesan of Alexander III of Macedon commonly known as Alexander the Great) is depicted in the image on the side which symbolizes the superiority of female pragmatism that subjugates the philosophical thought of man.

for a certain period Alexander the Great was madly in love of a young Woman, the courtesan Phyllis, to which he devoted much time thus neglecting the important affairs of state, consequently the wise counselor Aristotle went to discuss the matter with Alexander the Great who realizing the gravity of the situation he went to drastically reduce the intimacy with the young Phyllis who, naturally, he began to plot his subtle revenge by making fall in love the old and wise Aristotle who was courting the young woman with sagacious sophistry only getting an explicit eroticism without ever reaching the coveted sexual intimacy, and when the wily courtesan perceives that the mind of the philosopher Aristotle begins to falter for the intense desire, She proposes a curious proof of love saying similar words to Aristotle : if really you love me and you want my carnal femininity, tomorrow in my presence you will be naked on all fours and you will have satisfy every my command, finally, I'll be the princess with the whip who rides his naked steed... Aristotle is confused, but welcomes the proposal and the courtesan Phyllis goes immediately to tell to Alexander the Great the details of the trap into which he was falling his intelligent and trusted adviser, moreover, Phyllis convinces the King Alexander to spy on the scene thus highlighting the abyss that exists between the words and the facts even for a man of the importance of Aristotle... 

Domain of Female Sexuality
This simple anecdote 
invites us to reflect on the primordial sexual instincts that women have learned to master with acute ingenuity thus acquiring a remarkable advantage over men who, on the merits, accuse an objective evolutionary delay, in fact, frequently, the archaic sexuality of men prevails on their rational intelligence and knowledge, culture and wisdom with which they vainly try of compensate this intrinsic gap that not even the philosophy can bridge ; this feminine evolutionary advantage is not flashy, but it's viral, and gradually propagates its powerful energy in every Woman, also through the mass media, thus contributing to the development of a matrifocal society that many men are already savoring in private life through their Dominant Girlfriends, moreover, if we associate this interesting evolutionary phenomenology with the substantial freedom of aesthetic image of women and their general emancipation (intellectual and socio-cultural) combined with the unilateral faculty of miraculous motherhood, in this way the fascinating mosaic of the current female evolution will appear with its complementary synergies that evolve and produce the emblematic Modern Women from which emerge numerous leaders who express themselves with success in business enterprises as in private life, social and political.

Female Evolution
If then we venture 
into a heuristic analysis inspired by this global women's mosaic, then we can accept the idea that it may also influence the choice of numerous men that leads them towards an elective submission or the interpretation of female role through his ornamental surrogates and behavioral emulation, up to embody the sexuality and  the psychological aspects, and in all this there is nothing wrong, nay, this submerged but significant migration is a clear signal that highlights the undeniable social success of female model which probably will prevail over that of men thus generating the desirable Matriarchy and, subsequently, the Gynocracy... 

but the saying and doing are still divided by a ocean of coral reefs...

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